Southwestern Embroidered Distressed US Army Shirt

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Dr. Collectors love of Americana garments is apparent with this vintage US Army redux olive green shirt. The label gives a US army classic a sustainable rework by adding their signature Southwestern/Native American embroidered design to the back. These shirts are small batch limited production deadstock items made in LA. Please note that this from the earlier collections and purchased in 2016 before the Dr. Collector’s labels used on their current product.


This shirt is a vintage military shirt that has plenty of wear but has been given a second life as a reclaimed and reworked garment. This doesn't have a specified size but fits anywhere between a Small to a Medium.


  • Green military fatigue fabric
  • 2 Chest Pockets
  • Machine embroidered detail at back
  • Button cuffs
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA


  • Chest- 21.5"
  • Length- 28"
  • Shoulder- 18"
  • Sleeve- 21.5" (from shoulder down)
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